Violence and Crisis

The project was made in Ambient Intelligence classes at University of Coimbra. Starting with NYTimes API, chosen by me Cátia and Claúdia, our goal was to tell a story with the gathered data. To show a narrative in which the relation between violence and crisis is brought to evidence in the light of nowadays news. As the head of the project I must say that was not easy to finish it within the proposed time schedule. Although we were able to present a beta version of what was the plan.

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Screenshots from the end result: an application made with that connects to New York Times servers to search the selected terms within the news.d8db278da97833fd7a140590965338cf 30451a741ee59af28387e5f314c9c1f2

The future work: Expand the timeline from one year to many year and make that selection interactive6f79d1648091cdf4f632a7260d1f8e63